Inter-fibrinous Pulsated Gas Technology (IPG)

ExoSurge Peyronie's Plaque Removal - 2000

Inter-fibrinous Pulsated Gas Technology (IPG)

Three issued patents, 12 patents and provisionals filed both nationally and internationally

Peyronie's Disease Treatments

To date, therapies for treating Peyronie's disease only vie to improve symptoms of Peyronie's Disease patients. None heal the underlying basis for the disease. None are permanent. None are effective with every case. Thus, at best, existing treatments offer patients a temporary reprieve from the worst symptoms of Peyronie's Disease.

ExoSurge® is the world's first clinically-proven treatment to conservatively and permanently remove plaques and fibrosis associated with a Peyronie's diagnosis.

Peyronie's Disease Defined

Peyronie's disease is defined by the build up of fibrosis and plaques in the soft tissue of the penis and/or thickening of the tunica albuginea. This build-up of non-cancerous tumorous masses can result in a myriad of negative functional and misshaping of a penis including curvature when erect, indentions to the erect shaft, lost length, loss of adequate blood flow to form an erection, hour glass shaping, etc. Many of these conditions worsen with time. The body sometime sends even more fibrosis to the area in an attempt to help heal the condition. Also, calcification within the blood stream "piles in top of" established fibrotic masses, created a much more dense and problematic case.

FDA-Cleared Peyronie's Disease Treatments

Approvals by the FDA for Peyronie's treatments to date only evaluate measured changes in potential symptoms that can be caused by the build of plaques and fibrosis within the penis, such as the degree of erect curvature. Significant erect curvature is a potential symptom of a Peyronie's diagnosis affecting about 70% of patients. The basis for erect curvature is tied to the exact size and locations of penile fibrosis and plaques.

All of the negative side effects of Peyronie's Disease are tied to the build up of penile plaques, in the soft tissue of penis, which is the definition of Peyronie's disease.

® is the world's first clinically-proven therapeutic to measurably and permanently remove penile fibrosis.

ExoSurge® Inter-fibrinous Pulsated Gas Technology (IPG)

The ExoSurge® Inter-fibrinous Pulsated Gas Technology (IPG) uses a sequenced five-step, single visit, 20-minute treatment process that results in measurable permanent reduction of penile fibrosis with repeated applications.

The combination of new pulsated gas technology has resulted in 15 patent filed or granted applications from our team of medical professionals and engineers.

ExoSurge Plaque Dissolving Technology

ExoSurge Peyronie's Treatment Process

The Peyronie's Disease Treatment Landscape

Sadly for the sake of patients, there's
a lot of sham treatments for Peyronie's Disease. Websites exist that show complete removal of Peyronie's penile fibrosis via "before and after medical illustrations" following only a handful of treatments - with no supporting before and after duplex Doppler sonography images to validate claims of fibrotic removal.

That is outright medical fraud.

During our research and development, we discovered a therapeutic that
temporarily shrunk some of the tissues surrounding the fibrotic masses in about 25% of cases, thereby creating a false positive regarding improvement if evaluated by palpable plaque. This therapy further reinforces the importance of baseline and follow up duplex Doppler sonogram imagery, since no such improvement showed up within sonographic images.

Peyronie's Surgery

Surgery remains the gold standard for Peyronie's care, but is only indicated for the most
severe cases. Also, a retrospective study published by Florian Wimpissinger, MD, of the department of urology at Rudolfstiftung Hospital in Vienna, Austria in 2012[2] regarding the long-term outcomes associated with PD surgery showed a notable recurrence of Peyronie's symptoms over time.

After a mean of 9.3 years, the recurrence of postoperative curvature had increased from 0% after a mean of 38 months (18–73 months) to 23.7%, post-op erectile dysfunction increased from 3.0% to 39.5%, penile shortening from 0.0% to 65.8%, and impairment of penile sensitivity from 3% to 31.4%.
"We saw that results tend to worsen with time," said Dr. Wimpissinger, who presented the study results at the 2011 European Association of Urology annual congress in Vienna. 

Before / After ExoSurge® Treatment Patient Images

Peyronie's Disease ExoSurge Treatments Before After Photos Case 05 Peyronie's Disease ExoSurge Treatments Before After Photos Case 04

Peyronie's Disease ExoSurge Treatments Before After Photos Case 03 Peyronie's Disease ExoSurge Treatments Before After Photos Case 02

Peyronie's Disease ExoSurge Treatments Before After Photos Case 01

Important Breakthroughs from ExoSurge® IPG Technology for Clinicians

1. ExoSurge Inter-fibrinous Pulsated Gas Technology (IPG) delivers a treatment that is well tolerated, generates no heat or collateral tissue damage, requires no patient downtime or anesthesia, and works without regard to patient skin color. 

2. The methodical IPG process of breaking down and permanently removing penile fibrosis and plaques is a game-changing new tool for Peyronie's care.

ExoSurge Device

3. ExoSurge proved effective treating acute penile injury cases. Not only did ExoSurge therapy eliminate acute pain within about a week after starting treatments but also healed injured tissue and halted the build up of fibrosis before it became a problem in 100% of cases.

4. The technology proved effective treating diffuse plaque as discovered from duplex Doppler sonogram images (early stage Peyronie's), completely healing the disease before it became problematic.

5. ExoSurge treatments can be performed by a urologist or their support staff such as a nurse practitioner, physician's assist or licensed medical doctor.

6. The device can conveniently be stored in the corner of an exam room between uses. It's complete size is approximately 48 inches tall by 24 inches wide.

Before / After ExoSurge® Treatment duplex Doppler Sonogram Images

Peyronie's plaque Before after duplex Doppler sonography imsages Case A

Peyronie's fibrosis before and after duplex Doppler sonogram images Case B

Before After Peyronie's plaque duplex Doppler sonogram images Case C

Before After Doppler images Peyronie's plaque Case D

ExoSurge® is the world's first clinically-proven treatment to conservatively and permanently remove plaques and fibrosis associated with a Peyronie's diagnosis.

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