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Our Story

Please Accept Our Sincere Apologies

Our company, its research, and our intellectual property has been self-funded by stakeholders and from profits derived from our urologic services. We are a small group of doctors, scientists and clinicians with just one focus: developing a cure for Peyronie's disease.

If you're a patient or clinician who's reached out wanting additional information on our breakthroughs to date, we sincerely apologize for our inability to be responsive. We are understaffed, over worked, and under paid.

For Clinicians: Unfortunately, we're navigating the creation of a new drug in tandem with our novel drug delivery system and patient protocols. At this point, we cannot share anything about what we're doing with anyone. We cannot publish our exciting insights and outcomes in clinical journals. We expect this "lock up" period will come to an end within the next twelve months. We can't wait to help you better serve Peyronie's patients.

For Patients: We are working around the clock to deliver on our curative vision for one reason: to help the growing number of men who are so horribly afflicted by Peyronie's Disease. Our hands will be tied for another twelve months as we create enough value for our future Pharma partner to fund the $50 million costs that will be associated with getting all clearances and insurance coverage for our breakthroughs.

Possibly the three most heart-breaking parts of what we do are:

  1. Seeing men fall for the endless array of fraudulent Peyronie's Disease "cures". Right now, P-shot derivatives and acoustic wave derivatives are most likely the worst offenders. Over the past 20 years, we have seen a great deal more of them.
  2. Witnessing well-meaning patients and even healthcare professionals provide Peyronie's patients incorrect advice, usually via online forums.
  3. Reading heartbreaking posts on the vulnerable mental and physical states of so many men with Peyronie's disease. Some of these have been displayed in our labs as a constant reminder of the significance of our work.

Our Journey

ExoSurge is building a company singularly focused on freeing patients from the siege of Peyronie's disease. With our platform of pulsated & sequenced IPG gas injections followed by application of select medicines plus management of Peyronie's Accelerators and other individual patient health dynamics, we are working diligently to address the complexities of the immune system as we strive to transform the standard of care with better treatment options designed to tame Peyronie's Disease.

Based in the Atlanta, GA area, our company was founded in 2018 on the premise that a cure for Peyronie's Disease is possible. The journey began with a decade-long project unlocking the underlying epidemiology of this disease. How could we find a curative solution to a problem if we don't know exactly what the problem is? We assumed we could not.

The last ten years have been devoted to trying and testing everything we could find to conservatively break up the dense fibrous plaques that are the source of all the awful symptoms of Peyronie's.

To date, all of the funding for the development of this technology has been funded by the stakeholders and EBITDA from our urologic platform. We expect to begin a partnership with a large pharmaceutical company to help deliver the final first version of our new technologies in 2025.
Two Narratives, A Single Resolution

In reality, two significant narratives comprised the origins of ExoSurge.

Peyronie's Disease Epidemiology

The initial pertains to the years of laborious investigation that ExoSurge creator Steven L. Morganstern, MD devoted to elucidating the fundamental epidemiology of Peyronie's disease. At present, comprehensive knowledge exists regarding the precise etiology of Peyronie's, the variability in severity and symptoms among patients, and the etiology of abruptly manifesting symptoms in otherwise healthy men without a history of penile trauma.

We identified and developed treatments for six quantifiable healthcare dynamics (also known as "Peyronie's Accelerators") that cause a long benign Peyronie's case to abruptly become symptomatic. A comprehensive treatment algorithm is approaching its final stages of development, which will enable clinicians to accurately assess the number of treatments a patient will need to fully recover from their disease and properly evaluate each case.

ExoSurge Treatment Technology

Second, ExoSurge interfibrous gas injections are a potentially curative approach to Peyronie's disease. In contrast to existing surgical interventions and treatments for Peyronie's disease that primarily target symptoms via surgical straightening, traction, or injections, ExoSurge technology has demonstrated in the ability to dissolve and eliminate the fibrous masses responsible for all the debilitating symptoms associated with Peyronie's, including shaft misshapenness, erectile curvature, penile pain, and lost length.

Notably, ExoSurge can immediately be deployed during the acute phase of Peyronie's providing optimal and long-lasting disease control.
Research and Development

Our company mission is anchored within innovations to create a curative solution for Peyronie's Disease. We forever continue to innovate along three core disciplines

Incremental Innovation: Improvements to our base ExoSurge® technology as it relates to curing Peyronie’s disease. This includes continued refinement with approaches to case diagnosis so we can more effectively educate each patient, and improvements to protocols, devices and drugs that can cause a fast and better healing paradigm.

Breakthrough Opportunities: Exploration of alternative applications for our breakthrough ExoSurge technology and device.

Transformational R&D: We believe our innovation of ExoSurge® as a conservative, permanent resolution for Peyronie’s is a transformational innovation. We believe there might be an additional transformational innovation opportunity within the underlying essence of our invention and we are exploring new ideas within that framework.
Cell therapy represents a sophisticated approach to treating autoimmune disease without requiring extreme procedures such as bone marrow or stem cell transplants. This new type of therapy involves engineering immune cells from a patient or healthy donor and infusing those cells to correct an identified defective or pathogenic mechanism. This therapeutic approach may help restore balance to the patient’s immune system and offer sustained therapeutic benefits, eliminating the need for chronic or suboptimal therapies.

Our Team

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Steven L. Morganstern, MD
Founder / Visionary

Steven L. Morganstern, MD is an internationally acclaimed Urologist and surgeon, with an innovative specialization in men’s sexual health. He was on the front lines of erectile dysfunction (ED) therapeutics, both with pioneering bioidentical testosterone pellet therapy and assisting on the front lines of the launch of inflatable prosthetic implants alongside of inventor Brantley Scott, MD. He served as a leading media spokesperson and expert regarding erectile dysfunction well before others were talking about it.

He was chosen as the only private clinician to be included in the original trials for Viagra. Dr. Morganstern’s medical journey spans over four decades and includes key innovations in penis implants, prostate cancer, male hormone replacement therapy, benign prostrate problems, and HGH treatments.

Dr. Morganstern's twenty-year odyssey to develop a cure for Peyronie's Disease despite ridicule from established urology is represented by ExoSurge technology. His perseverance and vision in discovering the secrets to curing Peyronie's disease continue to inspire us all.

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Kenneth J. Carney, MD, PHARM, FACS
Co-Founder / Chief Medical Officer

Following a successful 20-year career as a professor of urology at Emory University and as chief of urology at Emory's "Grady Memorial Hospital", one of the nations most famed trauma center, Dr. Carney began consulting with EXO in the development of our Peyronie's technology beginning in 2017.

Dr. Carney left Emory to join EXO full time during 2022 and his skills and leadership had an immediate impact

Dr. Carney's renown in urologic trauma has been vital to the evolution of ExoSurge technology and he now leads our group of Peyronie's clinicians.

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Rayvon Reynolds

Rayvon Reynolds unearthed the hidden value in Dr. Morganstern's urologic clinical platform in 2014 and has been the driving force behind the development of ExoSurge's technology for the past seven years.
Previously, Rayvon was co-founder and inventor of a consumer packaged goods product venture in partnership with Woolite®. Rayvon leveraged this direct experience with utility patents (Rayvon personally has eleven patents) to help guide protections for ExoSurge's IP assets.

Previously, Rayvon as a recognized innovator creating modernization for ultra-high single-unit retail sales and served as president of Moby Dick Seafood Restaurants national company. Moby Dick was the nation’s fourth largest fast-seafood chain at that time.
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Angela Bates, NP
ExoSurge Clinical Director

Mrs. Bates joined Morganstern Urology as a Nurse Practitioner in 2018 and became a skilled administrator of our Peyronie's treatment paradigm and helped incubate standardized patient case evaluation and management systems for ExoSurge patients.

When she's not helping build race cars with her sons and husband, she stays focused on improvements to diagnostics and vetting of initial patient evaluations in order to speed outcomes with Peyronie's clinical care.

She is directing efforts to create a supporting treatment algorithm for future clinicians that leverages and seeks to automate our insights with Peyronie's epidemiology with our long history treating varied cases and fibrous tissue plaques.

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Scott Baker
Director, Medical Sciences

Scott Baker dedicated his entire career to healthcare. Over the past seven years as we tested, refined and developed new technologies – Scott remained on the forefront of each patient’s treatment protocol and the helping revise optimal applications.
He leads the charge managing most of our operational technology and helping validate the sciences behind them. He also manages leverages this knowledge with his innate attention to detail into success managing logistics for our expansion directives.
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Dan Toubiana, PA-C
Director, Peyronie's Surgical Research

Dan Toubiana, PA is not only one f our most requested ExoSurge treatment providers, he's also manager for many of our reconstructive surgical procedures, directly assisting Dr. Carney.

joined, left, and later re-joined the EXO team

Along with providing care for Peyronie's clinical patients, Dan is focused on a couple of new directives for the future including how ExoSurge technology can be used to improve outcomes for traditional Peyronie's surgery patients.

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Science Advisory Board
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John Mulcahy, MD

John Mulcahy, MD is an Emeritus professor of urology at Indiana University and clinical professor of urology at both the University of Arizona and the University of Alabama. He’s one of only a handful of elite urologists from around the globe to be listed in the Canadian Journal of Urology’s “Legends of Urology”. His main areas of interest have been urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction and he pioneered many treatments and surgical procedures in these areas resulting in recognition including the Cristol Award from the Mayo Urologic Alumni Association and the Brantley Scott Award from the Bladder Health Council of the American Foundation for Urologic Diseases for significant contributions to Urology. He wrote over 100 publications and edited 4 urology textbooks. He continues to teach urology residents prosthetic implantation and repair techniques and frequently gives grand rounds presentations on topics related to erectile dysfunction and male urinary incontinence. Dr. Mulcahy is presently consulting with ExoSurge regarding the standards for its planned prospective clinical trials. His credentials are highly respected, and his insights are augmented by the fact we first treated him as a patient: he’s seen first-hand what this technology can do for urology and men’s healthcare.

Our Growing Team

In order to deliver our complex, breakthrough technology to patients and the healthcare community, we are recruiting some of the country’s leading medical professionals within Peyronie’s Disease care to help refine and improve our core technology.
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We have already identified and recruited select candidates for key roles and look forward to sharing details about new team members in the future.

To learn more about our diagnostics and Peyronie's treatments with ExoSurge technology right away, please visit our clinical website and schedule a "one on one" phone consultation or a visit to our clinic in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.

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