Peyronie's Disease Breakthrough

Announcing an important new discovery with Peyronie's treatment & care

Our Mission, Obsession and Our Culture

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and provide a safe, quantifiable, and readily accessible curative solution and preventive healthcare protocols for Peyronie’s disease that’s readily available to patients and caregivers worldwide, thereby halting and reversing the increasing prevalence of penile fibrosis and improving men’s lives.

Peyronie's Disease: It's our obsession

Peyronie’s Disease isn’t just a speciality at our institute, it’s our obsession. For over twenty years, we’ve remained focused upon one overriding priority: developing a cure for Peyronie’s Disease.

During this journey we’ve become renowned for innovative solutions with healing Peyronie’s Disease. Morganstern is the only clinic in the world with technology that’s clinically proven to eliminate the fibrous plaques that trigger the horrid symptoms associated with a Peyronie’s diagnosis.

Peyronie's: it's who we are

Our Culture

At ExoSurge, we are a different sort of institute where people from varied backgrounds—medical, scientific, business, and cultural—collaborate to create medical innovations that navigate difficult medical terrain and challenging settings that are viewed as formal. 
Almost every service we innovate, offer, and provide falls outside the purview of conventional healthcare. We are committed to helping to correct the current patient treatment equations because we believe they are broken.

It has been said of our team that “The island of misfit toys” from the fictional Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Robert L. May is a fitting comparison. Many of our senior staff faced constant criticism and rebukes for stepping outside of conventional norms during previous vistas. They joined together to establish a healthcare organization that prioritizes safe, quality innovation in our efforts to provide extraordinary patient the care. 

The majority of our tribe are “out of the box” thinkers, although we have few OCD, law-abiding types. These latter individuals play the important role of our border patrol agents, lovingly drawing boundaries to hold us in check when we try to go too far, too quickly. You’ll probably thrive in our environment if you’re a self-starting, creative, intelligent person who believes there are countless opportunities to improve healthcare, has an appetite for exploring and creating within the unknown, isn’t afraid to make mistakes but can own up to your mistakes, can work and play well with others who share big visions, and is capable of taking on leadership roles. 

Our commitment to our team is to create an atmosphere that is open, supportive, and inviting, giving exceptional individuals at all levels the opportunity to positively impact healthcare and their own lives.

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