Peyronie's Disease Breakthrough

Announcing an important new discovery with Peyronie's Disease treatment & care

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Please Accept Our Sincere Apologies

Our company, its research, and our intellectual property is self-funded by stakeholders and from profits derived from our urologic services. We are a small group of doctors, scientists, and clinicians with just one focus: developing a cure for Peyronie's disease.

Unfortunately, there's much more to it when it comes to actually delivering breakthrough technology to patients and getting those services covered by insurance. Our hands will be tied for at least another twelve months as we create enough added value through new drug patents for our future Pharma partner to fund the $50 million costs that will be associated with getting all clearances, universal insurance coverages, and worldwide distribution for all of our breakthroughs.

If you're a patient or clinician who's reached out wanting additional information on our breakthroughs to date, we sincerely apologize for our inability to be responsive. Like many early stage Biomed enterprises, we're somewhat understaffed, overworked, underpaid, and legally limited in terms of what we can share publicly at this moment.

Apology to Clinicians: We are currently navigating the creation of new drugs in tandem with our novel drug delivery system and patient protocols. Unfortunately at this point, we cannot share anything about what we're doing with anyone, and we can't make our technologies available for testing yet. Nor can we publish our exciting insights and outcomes in clinical journals.

All the pieces are intertwined with the patents, which are key for us getting funding to make all this universally available. We've been advised this "lock up" period will likely come to an end within the next twelve to eighteen months. We're on pins and needles waiting to help you better serve Peyronie's patients.

Apology to Peyronie's Patients: We are working around the clock to deliver on our curative vision for one reason: to help the growing number of men who are so horribly afflicted by Peyronie's Disease. Unfortunately, our hands will be tied for another 12-18 months as we create added value to attract the $50 million in costs required for all the clearances, universal insurance coverages, and technology distribution.

When it comes to patients, possibly the three most heartbreaking parts of what we do are:

  1. Seeing men fall for the endless array of fraudulent Peyronie's Disease "cures". Right now, P-shot derivatives and the endless array of acoustic wave therapies are most likely the worst offenders—borderline criminal, in our opinion. Over the past 20 years, we have seen a great deal more of them.
  2. Witnessing well-meaning patients and even healthcare professionals provide Peyronie's patients incorrect advice, usually via online forums. We're not allowed to interject and provide better guidance, which is difficult at times given all we now understand about the uniqueness of each Peyronie's case.
  3. Reading heartbreaking posts on the vulnerable mental and physical states of so many men with Peyronie's disease. Some of these have been prominently displayed in our lab as a constant reminder of the significance of everyone's work.

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Our Vision

Our institute is focused on finding a cure for Peyronie’s Disease.

We've made significant progress toward our goal after more than 20 years of research and development, including:
  • We unlocked the underlying epidemiology of Peyronie's Disease.
  • Our research uncovered six "Peyronie's Accelerators", and in order to successfully heal this disease, they must be controlled and optimized. Along with the scope and size of fibrous plaques, these factors are usually the root cause of why some men succeed with certain therapeutics while others do not.
  • Our patented therapeutics combining pulsated gas injections just before injection of intralesional drugs opens small pathways for medicines to become effective, which breaks down Peyronie's fibrosis without surgery.
  • The factors of a Peyronie's case, including plaque size, density, and position, as well as the state of each Peyronie's Accelerator and a calculated health factor rating, are all taken into consideration by our unique therapeutic algorithm. Continued refinements to this algorithm will be crucial for rapid training of urologists around the globe in the future.
  • Earlier in the development of our Peyronie's technology, we sometimes couldn't get the penis back to its original size after removing Peyronie's plaques. Thus, we developed novel methods for cosmetic urology (penis augmentation). Since then, we uncovered the secret to regaining lost size from Peyronie's Disease during our therapeutic treatments. However, our platform for cosmetic urology—headed by renowned reconstructive urologist Kenneth J. Carney, MD, PHARM, FACS—has enjoyed notable success. A primary source of funding for our Peyronie's cure research has come from our cosmetic urology platform.
  • We are currently developing technologies that will leverage improved treatment methods and novel drugs to expedite the progression of obstinate Peyronie's cases. We've started talks to collaborate with a global pharmaceutical company to finance our FDA approvals and make sure the revolutionary ExoSurge technology becomes available globally in the upcoming years.

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Our Story

Trailblazing urology meets a disease without a cure

We are developing novel approaches to Peyronie's disease care including non-surgical solutions that break down fibrous plaques and scar tissue. Our patented pulsating gas injections are able to reach deeply into fibrous plaques, opening small pathways for injectable medications to effectively reach deep into dense Peyronie's fibrosis. As a consequence, after several treatments, plaques begin to dissolve.

Unlike current Peyronie's surgical and non-surgical approaches that only treat symptoms like erect penile curvature, ExoSurge holds the promise to achieve optimal and long-lasting disease control through the management of quantifiable "Peyronie's Accelerators" and
our inter-fibrous gas injections to remove penile fibrous plaques.
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Our Technology

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What is ExoSurge®?

Peyronie’s is a wickedly challenging disease to completely resolve. It's been medically identified for over six centuries (long before "Peyronie" added his name to the disease) and the only treatments to date address symptoms. Curative Peyronie's care requires a three-pronged approach for success, including:
  1. ExoSurge is a curative therapeutic treatment that includes a novel drug delivery Medtech device where injected pulsated gas destalizises fibrous Peyronie's plaques enough where injected intralesional drugs can slowly dissolve Peyronie's fibrosis. We've succeeded removing fibrous plaques using generic drugs but we're experimenting with new medicines that will hopefully speed up the plaque dissolution processs.
  2. ExoSurge is a detailed protocol customized based upon a wide variety of variations in patient disease factors and personal health dynamics. These factors are crucial to include in the treatment plan for every Peyronie's case to ensure fibrotic removal.
  3. ExoSurge requires patient management and patient responsibility managing discovered metrics we call “Peyronie’s Accelerators”. If these metrics remain elevated during treatments, improvement is severely compromised.

ExoSurge® curative Peyronie's treatment technology

Better Science, Better Medicines

ExoSurge inter-fibrous gas injections are a key aspect to providing a curative outcome for Peyronie's Disease. Unlike current Peyronie's treatments and surgeries that only attempt to address symptoms of Peyronie's disease through surgical straightening, traction, or treatments, ExoSurge technology breaks up and removes the fibrous tissue that's the underlying cause of debilitating Peyronie's symptoms such as erect curvature, penile pain, lost length, and shaft misshapenness.

ExoSurge® Patient Sciences

New, Important Peyronie's Insights

ExoSurge can immediately be deployed during the acute phase of the disease preventing the growth of the fibrous plaques that cause a Peyronie's diagnosis and provide long-lasting disease control. Thus, in cases born from acute penile trauma, urologists will be able to arrest fibrotic growth before it happens.

Our research indicates over 40% of men have "asymptomatic Peyronie's". They have bits, pieces, or diffuse fibrosis within the soft tissue of the penis from minor injuries but exhibit no obvious symptoms.

Our research indicates the majority of severe-symptom Peyronie's cases (65%) are born from a series of life-long micro traumas to the penis organ going back to men's childhoods. When patients encounter one or more of our newly discovered "Peyrnoie's Accelerators" their case becomes symptomatic and if those Accelerators are not properly managed, the growth of penile fibrosis can become rapid and severe. Every man who lives long enough will face one or more the Peyronie's Accelerators, but they can be triggered at any age. Our analysis shows about 25% of severe-symptom Peyronie's cases where caused by a memorable, acute trauma to the penis organ, and the final 10% of cases are causes by other circumstances and conditions, with healthcare related penile injury being the most common source in this last group.

We plan to begin prospective clinical trials in 2026 and will subsequently file for FDA approval for our gas and drug injections in the treatment Peyronie's Disease. We believe and it is our goal that this curative Peyronie's technology will be 100% covered by traditional health insurance including medicare. Our devices, drugs, case management algorithm, and decalcification module are not yet available for sale.

If you are a urologic clinician with potential interest with participating in our upcoming prospective clinical trials, please click here.

If you are a Peyronie’s patient and would like to potentially participate in our upcoming prospective national clinical trials, please
click here.

We are science-driven and led by executives and medical advisors. Let us show you our plans to revolutionize the treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

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For Clinicians

ExoSurge® technology is science-driven, supported by extensive in-clinic use and ongoing clinical research.

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We invested over twenty years and $20 million unearthing the etiology and extracellular matrix behind every aspect of Peyronie's Disease manifestation. We understand that your reputation is at stake when you choose to partner with a new technology and that safety and efficacy are paramount to you.

The ExoSurge® Inter-fibrinous Pulsated Gas and Drug Technology (IPG) is the first and only technology of its kind specially engineered to permanently remove the penile fibrosis and Peyronie's plaques that trigger a Peyronie's diagnosis – and it does so safely and without collateral tissue damage.

With high patient satisfaction for a conservative procedure, ExoSurge® represents a new way to treat Peyronie's, whether it be from long established penile fibrosis or calcified plaques, active phase penile injury patients, symptoms of early stage Peyronie's such as diffuse penile fibrosis, or preventative care for patients without symptoms but with measurable penile fibrosis that shows up on ultrasound.

To learn more about about how we believe ExoSurge® IPG is positioned to revolutionize Peyronie's Disease care, click below.

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For Patients

We are completely dedicated to developing a cure for Peyronie's disease.

Our goal is to eliminate the fibrous plaques that produce the numerous symptoms that Peyronie's is known for, along with the fibrous plaques themselves, using non-surgical treatment technologies, intralesional drugs, and supporting diagnostics.

Our vision is for urologists worldwide to have easy access to our turn-key technology and for health insurance to pay for most or all of the cost of this treatment.

ExoSurge® is the world's first clinically-proven treatment to conservatively and permanently remove plaques and fibrosis associated with a Peyronie's diagnosis.

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What do ExoSurge® patients say about our Peyronie's technology?

The following are verified patient reviews. Our clinic has supporting documentation. Edits have occasionally been made to correct grammatical or spelling errors.

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    When I found Dr. Morganstern and his team they were a godsend. I developed Peyronie's disease about 5 years ago, and went to another Urologist for two years and things only got worse. I searched for about a year and then found Dr. Morganstern and his talented team in Atlanta, GA. I have now been treated by ExoSurge for right at two years and the results are incredible. I have gone from a 50% curve when I started to now around 10%. But, the best part of tthe treatment is that I have gained back over 2 inches of both length and girth. I am sorry that I wasted two years with tthe first doctor.
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    I've been going to Dr. Morganstern for 3 years while he treats my Peyronies disease with ExoSurge. The results have been remarkable in every way. The curve has gone from 90 degrees to less than 25 degrees. I've had to deal with this from birth so I've had more experience than most dealing with this condition. The length and girth have improved substantially. The sensitivity has returned which makes sex so much better. Dr. M has a great way of making you feel comfortable and his staff is awesome.
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    I went to at least 4 other urologists before going to Morganstern. None had much experience with Peyronies nor did they even want to address the situation let alone the ED problem I was having. Dr. Morganstern fixed it all. My curve is gone and I even got the length back. If you follow his instructions and all that he prescribes, they'll fix all your problems. I don’t even need any viagra any more. I had to use injections before I went through his treatment program and now I am back to normal and can rise for the occasion on my own at any time without using any kind of little blue pill. If you are having any kind of ED problems or suffering from peyronies Dr. Morganstern is the doctor to see. I am extremely grateful and very thankful to have found out about ExoSurge. I did a lot of research before going to him and I have to say it was worth it all to have gotten the results I got. Thanks Doc
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    After questioning my internist during a yearly physical, I asked about my testosterone levels as I was feeling tired and my libido was suffering. He said my levels were ok. When I later confronted him with what I found out from the internet was Peyronie's disease, he said that there was nothing that could be done and that he could not even refer me to a urologist that could help. I started searching on the net and came across Dr Morganstern's website. After an initial exam and asking for referrals, I decided to proceed with ExoSurge treatments. I have gone from a 60 degree downward curve to nearly zero. My girth & length have returned to normal.
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    I've been going to Dr. Morganstern for 3 years while he treats my Peyronies disease. The results have been remarkable in every way. The curve has gone from 90 degrees to less than 25 degrees. I've had to deal with this from birth so I've had more experience than most dealing with this condition.
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    Dr. Morganstern has done a great job in helping me with my peyronies disease. My advice to all men that may develop the condition to immediately begin treatment with Dr. Morganstern / ExoSurge. I waited a year hoping the condition would go away on its own and when I went back for a followup visit I decided to proceed with his treatment recommendations. My only regret is that I should have listened to him my first visit. Trust me, you will be glad to take time out of your day to fix the condition!
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    I had an accident with pajama bottoms with an elastic band hitting my downstairs area at the wrong angle one morning after waking up. Heard and felt the pop and suddenly it went dead. Scared and unsure what to do I was at a loss. My only regret was that I didn’t get in touch with Morganstern sooner! Two urologists said there was nothing that can be done. Defeated, I received a referral and decided to come in for a third opinion. Not only did they say they could help me, they could fix the problem! It’s been a lot of consistency and the awesome calmness that Dr. Morganstern brings to each ExoSurge treatment appointment. Today I am so happy to say everything is better than ever! Thank you so so so much for your help and the awesome team you have behind Morganstern Urology!
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    After wasting time with one urologist and surgery with another doctor (fixed the problem in the short term but did not cure the underlying cause). I am so glad my wife found Dr Morganstern! and ExoSurge He and his staff are outstanding! I am still undergoing treatment but I’m already enjoying the sex life of my younger years! My wife and I are very grateful to Dr Morganstern and his staff!!! Call him if you have a curve down there!!!!
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    “I was diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease in June of 2014 and was told by a urologist that there was nothing I could do but take Vitamin E and use a stretching devise. I panicked and began my research as to where I could go for help. I kept finding Dr. Morganstern’s name in Goggle search’s and reviews. I called and scheduled my first visit in August of 2014. It is now March of 2015 and I am 80% better than when I started my treatments. It has been a long journey and I still have some work to do, but Dr. Morganstern knows his ExoSurge technology has been a great help to me. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Get treatment. These folks know what they are doing.”
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    “I came to Morganstern Medical feeling somewhat dazed following my visits with 2 two other urologists for the treatment of ED and Peyronie’s Disease. I don’t look forward to going to the urologist, but with my issues I had no choice. The ExoSurge team recommended a very natural and non-invasive remedy. After several treatments, I began to notice improvements in the firmness of my erections and an increase in size, particularly girth. I also began to experience an improvement in overall stamina, endurance, and mental acuity. This has changed how long I can last in bed. With the ExoSurge innovative method in the treatment of my Peyronie’s Disease, I have also experienced a straightening of my upward curved erection from a 75-degree to 35-degree curve. This has greatly improved my penetration during intercourse. The things I like about Morganstern are their professionalism, the genuine desire to produce a positive result through advanced treatment protocols and his welcoming office staff who immediately put you at ease when you walk through the doors. I recommend Dr. Morganstern’s clinic to anyone experiencing Peyronie’s.”
    Verified Patient Review
  • account_circle
    Peyronies treatment was 100% successful. Dr Morganstern has a great bedside manner and if very professional. The ExoSurge treatments were not pleasant, but reduced curvature from 60 degrees to about 5 degrees!
    Verified Patient Review

To learn more about our diagnostics and Peyronie's treatments with ExoSurge technology right away, please visit our clinical website and schedule a "one on one" phone consultation or a visit to our clinic in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.

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